Celebrate Your Mom on National Senior Citizen Day

Home Care Chesterfield, MO: Senior Citizen Day
Home Care Chesterfield, MO: Senior Citizen Day

Ronald Reagan proclaimed August 21st as a day to celebrate all that older adults offer to other generations. You want to do something fun this year, something that will mean a lot to her. How can you celebrate with her?

Binge a New Show Together

You don’t have to leave the home to have a great time together. Ask your mom if there are any shows she’s been wanting to watch. Set up a day where you can binge-watch that series with her. You can make snacks and get drinks and talk about the show as you watch it together.

If shows aren’t to her liking, line up a few movies she’s been wanting to see. Turn it into a movie afternoon. You could also watch documentaries.

Plan a Family Brunch

Get all of your close relatives together for a family brunch. Everyone can make a dish to ensure your mom doesn’t feel like she has to prepare the meal. Try to include a variety of dishes to ensure everyone has plenty to eat, even if there are different dietary needs.

If your mom has special dietary needs, make sure the majority of the dishes are appropriate. If she has to have low-sodium, leave the salt out and have people season their own foods before they eat.

Take Her for a Weekend Away

Book a cottage or hotel room somewhere within reach and take your mom on a weekend away. If she loves the ocean and it’s within your budget, take her to the beach for a long weekend. If she loves the city, take her to the city for dinner and a show.

Make Reservations at Her Favorite Restaurant

Take your mom to her favorite restaurant for lunch or dinner. If she’s still cautious about being out in public, book an outdoor table and ask for one that’s on an outer corner and set a little more away from others. Some restaurants still use bubble tents or igloos that surround a table and provide a safer dining experience. For larger families or parties, a private room may be an option.

Go to the Beach or River

Your mom loves being near water. Pack a picnic and take her to a riverside park or bring her to the beach for a day. She can enjoy a meal, splash in the water, and enjoy spending the day with you and your family. Keep food safety in mind as you pack the picnic.

What Happens the Rest of the Month?

When you’re not available, have you considered the benefits of home care? Don’t leave her alone to attempt tasks that she finds difficult. Hire home care aides to assist her with those daily or weekly tasks.

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