Senior Home Care Tips to Prevent Bed Sores

Preventing Bed Sores: Senior Home Care Lake St. Louis MO

There may be a lot of things you find you’re unaware of when it comes to caring for a senior. After all, this is new territory for you. You’ve spent most of your life as a child or an adult child whose mom or dad looked after you as a caregiver, and suddenly the roles…

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Home Care Assistance Tips for Long Distance Caregiving

Long Distance Caregiving: Home Care Assistance Wentzville MO

Long-distance parenting can be hard, but with the right tools and home care assistance, loved ones can make a big difference in seniors’ lives. In this blog, we’ll talk about some tips to ensure seniors get the care they need despite living in separate areas. Frequent and Clear Communication Communication is the key to caring…

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Home Care Can Help Your Loved One Find Purpose Again

Seniors Finding Purpose: Home Care St. Peters MO

For many elderly, there comes a time when they begin to wonder what their purpose is in this world anymore. They have raised their children (and maybe even their grandchildren), had successful careers, and enjoyed many of life’s rewards and challenges. They may feel their days have become monotonous, with sitting in the same chair…

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