Understanding Personal Care at Home

Personal Care at Home St. Charles MO
Personal Care at Home St. Charles MO

As your loved one ages, you may find that they are too much work for you to handle. However, it can feel devastating to feel this way, and if you say it incorrectly, it can hurt your loved one’s feelings. Sticking to the facts and admitting that you’d like to get more help, such as personal care at home, will allow your loved one to better understand. Most of the time, a senior doesn’t want to feel like a burden, so if you stick to the facts, it may make them feel better as well.

There are many kinds of home care providers you can look for, and all will provide different services for your loved one. When you start talking to your senior about these options, ask your senior where they feel they could use more support, this will help ensure you get the right professional for your family.

Personal Care at Home

If your senior needs help bathing, dressing, and oral hygiene, this is the best person for them. Personal care at home is one of the best options for seniors who don’t need much medical help but need more help with their lifestyle. These professionals will help ensure your senior sticks to a routine that will help them thrive as they age in place. They are great options for your elderly loved ones who wish to age in place and feel independent. Your seniors will still be free to make their own decisions and live the life they want.

Nursing Care

Some seniors will be dealing with health issues that need management. If they are dealing with chronic conditions, they will need to see a doctor regularly, but they may also need to keep certain things managed. Your loved one will need a nurse if they need help managing medications or monitoring health problems. Some nurses can also tell if your loved one needs to adjust or change medication.

Diet Support

Diet is important for all people, no matter what age they are. Personal care at home can help meal prep, but they may not know what a senior should eat. A doctor will need to evaluate your senior loved one to figure out what they should eat and what they should be avoiding. However, you may also find that a nutritionist will be able to help evaluate a senior and even cook meals for your loved one if they need help. This can be essential for seniors living on their own, and it will allow personal care at home to focus on different areas of your seniors life.

Physical Therapy

Your senior loved one will need to work out even if they are choosing to age in place. However, they may suffer from physical problems that make it hard to move around or know what their bodies can handle. This is where physical therapy will be handy, and many will come to a senior’s home to help them. This is also a good way to see what a senior needs to do to be able to move around their own home. It’s time to choose the right options for your loved one to age in place.

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