Home Care Can Help Your Loved One Find Purpose Again

Seniors Finding Purpose: Home Care St. Peters MO
Seniors Finding Purpose: Home Care St. Peters MO

For many elderly, there comes a time when they begin to wonder what their purpose is in this world anymore. They have raised their children (and maybe even their grandchildren), had successful careers, and enjoyed many of life’s rewards and challenges. They may feel their days have become monotonous, with sitting in the same chair every day, watching the same television shows, eating the same meals, and basically repeating it all day after day.

The good news is that if your elderly loved one is feeling “lost” and without purpose, you can help him find his purpose again, or help him find a new purpose. Feeling like you are an important part of this world is important to mental health and provides a sense of self-worth, something everyone should have.

But where does he start? Here are five ways your loved one can find his sense of purpose again.


One thing many seniors have the gift of is time. Without having to work full-time or take care of the children, they may have extra hours on their hands that they can give away. Volunteering is also a great way to help out an organization or cause that your loved one has always supported without having to make a financial commitment. Your loved one’s home care provider can help by bringing your loved one to and from events he can volunteer at or places he can serve.


Your loved one doesn’t have to enter a school to teach. He might have a skill set that he can share with others by mentoring and providing guidance. For example, if your loved one is an avid gardener with the greenest of thumbs, he might find a new purpose in helping others grow new gardens.

Ask his home care provider to help him reach out to local nurseries or greenhouses to see where he can help out at.


Volunteering at a church’s nursery or Sunday school classes is a great way for your loved one to get those baby smells and hugs in while helping young parents attend a religious service. It’s a short commitment of usually only an hour a week, but it’ll help your loved one reconnect with his faith community by serving alongside others.


We’re not talking about cleaning houses (that’s what your home care provider can help with), we’re talking about doing his part to make the Earth a cleaner place. Maybe your loved one can find a patch of beach that he’ll commit to keeping clean from debris. Or it could even be keeping his garden clean from weeds.


Your elderly loved one has great stories and a rich history. Perhaps his purpose is to share that with others. If he’s a storyteller, it could be at a local museum or library. Or if he’s more reserved, it might simply be with family members, making sure the stories he grew up with get passed on.

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