Companion Care at Home Tips to Help Cope With Loss

It is inevitable that you will lose someone in your life and that goes for your senior loved one too. In fact, they have probably lost more people than you can imagine. When your senior has lost someone, they may not know how to deal with the loss in a healthy way. They may use unhealthy methods such as drinking to cope or even smoking and other drugs.

It can be devastating to watch but it’s important to acknowledge their grief. Encouraging them to cope in a healthy way can seem like a challenge. Here are some of the best ways to cope with the loss of a loved one or another senior parent.

Don’t Ignore It

When your loved one strays towards unhealthy coping mechanisms, it is often to find relief from the pain and an escape. Escaping and ignoring feelings is the way to bottle it up and not accept the loss in the long run. A temporary escape from the feelings will not help anyone cope with the loss.

So, the best thing your loved one can do, which you can encourage them to do, is not to ignore the feelings. Teach them how to sit and meditate with their feelings. Allow the feelings to come in, acknowledge them without trying to change them, and accept them for what they are. This may feel painful in the moment but it will help them accept the loss in the future.

Share It

Once your senior openly starts feeling after the loss, it’s important for them to share it. This can be with you or even with a group of others who have also lost someone. There are tons of support groups that can offer counseling and a safe place to talk about feelings. Another thing to consider is if a seniors loved one died they need companionship.

There is professional companion care at home which can be helpful for caring for a senior and keeping an eye on them. A senior may need more help with a routine and getting out of a rut after losing someone they were close to.

Allow Them To Express It

Learning to express feelings is different from accepting them. Even sharing the loss is not always the same. There are tons of ways to express feelings. This can be in the form of talking, art, music, or other ways that mean something to the senior. It’s important to not only learn how to talk about a loss but also express it in a healthy way.

Companion care at home can help a senior gather supplies or get to places that allow them to express their pain and loss. This is another way of accepting the loss in their life and should not be put on the backburner.

Offer Help

You should always be offering your assistance. This may take many forms, they may need help around the house doing chores or they may just need you to talk through things. If you’re not always there for your loved one, it’s important to have someone else there to help. Companion care at home can help care for your senior.

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