Hygiene Tips For Seniors Traveling Over The Holidays

Personal Care at Home O'Fallon, MO: Hygiene Tips
Personal Care at Home O’Fallon, MO: Hygiene Tips

When seniors are going to be traveling over the holidays they need to be vigilant about hygiene. Crowded airports and planes full of people flying from all over the place can be a disaster for seniors who are trying to stay healthy. Even driving or taking the train can expose seniors to lots of germs in restaurants, gas stations, and public restrooms. Some things that seniors can do to maintain good hygiene while they are traveling include:

Have Great Hygiene Before Traveling

Seniors who have difficulty with things like showering, washing their hands, or using the bathroom should have personal care at home to help them maintain good hygiene at home. With personal care at home seniors will be able to get their immune system in good shape before they travel for the holidays because they will have the help that they need performing hygiene tasks. When seniors are strong and healthy before they travel they will have a better chance of fending off germs and illnesses when they are traveling. 

Travel With A Hygiene Kit

Every senior that is traveling needs to have a hygiene kit with them at all times. With a little creativity and effort a small hygiene kit should be able to fit into a purse but it will definitely fit into a carryon so that seniors can always access it. A hygiene kit should contain a small container of soap, some antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, a toothbrush, a travel sized toothpaste, and a small mouthwash. It’s also a good idea to have a few bandaged and antibacterial cream in there too just in case of a small cut or scratch. 

Have A Plan For Emergency Situations

Seniors who are incontinent or have other hygiene concerns should have a plan for how they will handle emergency situations when they are traveling. If the plane is delayed or the next rest stop is too far away to make it having extra briefs, a skirt or another pair of pants they can change into, personal wipes or sprays, and other supplies close at hand can help maintain good hygiene. Seniors who are traveling may also want to carry some unsweetened cranberry juice or cranberry juice pills that they can take to help avoid a UTI while they are traveling. 

Keep Hand Sanitizer And Antibacterial Wipes Handy

Prevention is the key when seniors are traveling. Hand washing is the best option for avoiding catching illnesses like the flu or Covid-19 but when it’s not possible to wash hands with soap using hand sanitizer and wiping down surfaces with antibacterial wipes is the best way to try and avoid catching any germs. Social distancing, or staying at least six feet away from other people, is also a good idea but when traveling during the holidays that’s not always possible. Seniors who are worried about being too close to other people can also wear masks if they are worried about catching germs from other travelers.

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