Tips For Talking About Long Term Senior Home Care With Your Aging Parent

Senior Home Care O'Fallon, MO: Long-Term Care
Senior Home Care O’Fallon, MO: Long-Term Care

It’s quite common now for seniors to stay in their own homes as they get older. Most seniors prefer that. And while your senior loved one may be getting along fine on their own now you should have a conversation with them about senior home care and the benefits of care at home. 

Senior home care is something that can help seniors live comfortably at home as they get older. When their needs start to change, home care can change too so that they are getting exactly the level of support that they need. 

If your senior parent has put off thinking about senior home care or they don’t want to discuss home care because they don’t need it yet use these tips to start a dialog about home care:

Set An Appointment To Talk

Whenever you want to have a serious discussion with a senior loved one it’s a good idea to set a time to talk. That way your senior loved one will be alert, ready to talk, and ready to really listen to what you’re saying. If you wait until they are tired, distracted, or not really paying attention then the conversation won’t be very productive and actually could end up in a fight. Just ask your senior parent when would be a good time to talk about home care so that you can have an honest and productive conversation. 

Give It A Trial Run

If your senior loved one still is on the fence about the benefits of home care set up a day of home care to let your senior parent experience what home care is really like. Once they understand what home care entails they are more likely to seriously consider it and think about how it could benefit them. During the time that a care provider is in the house your senior loved one may start to see how much easier life would be if they accept a little help. 

Talk To Friends and Neighbors

Another good way to get your senior loved one to open their mind to the idea of home care is to talk with friends, relatives, or neighbors who have senior home care. Your senior parent may trust the opinion of their peers more than yours since their peers are the ones that have experience with home care. You can also get recommendations for home care agencies from friends and neighbors.  

Leave The Conversation Open

The decisions about when to get home care for a senior parent or how much care they need are big ones. And like most big decisions it’s best to think about them for a while before making a decision. So leave the conversation about the benefits of senior home care and when your senior parent will need care open-ended. Keep talking about the pros and cons and your senior loved one will let you know when they feel like they need that extra help at home.

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