What Foods Should Your Mom Avoid Now That She Has Diabetes?

Senior Care O'Fallon, MO: Seniors and Diabetes
Senior Care O’Fallon, MO: Seniors and Diabetes

Did you know that 28.7 million adults have diabetes? It’s not uncommon for your mom to have it. Another 26.4 million older adults have prediabetes. Whether she has diabetes or prediabetes, it’s time to address what she should and shouldn’t be eating.

Foods For Your Mom to Get Rid Of

Go through your mom’s refrigerator and pantry with her. She needs to get rid of foods that offer no nutritional value and processed carbs and sugars. All-purpose flour is one of the items to go. White rice is another.

Your mom shouldn’t have peanut and nut butter with added sugar. Ice cream needs to go. Corn syrup is in many items and needs to go. Jams/jellies made with sugar and corn syrup are also not worth keeping around. Check canned soups for added sugar. Many add sugar to the recipes.

Deli meats aren’t ideal. Many add sugar and excessive amounts of sodium. If she needs to have deli meat on hand, aim for a low-sodium, uncured option. Get rid of hot dogs, ham, bacon, and processed meats like pepperoni.

What To Buy Instead

If your mom’s diet gets too restrictive, she’s going to end up miserable. Learn to make healthier substitutions. Replace all-purpose flour with white wheat or whole wheat flour. Oat flour and almond flour are also good to have on hand.

Her favorite food in the world is a brownie. Instead of making a brownie from a boxed mix, look for recipes that use almond or oat flour, baking chocolate, mashed bananas or unsweetened applesauce in place of the sugar, and chopped walnuts or pecans.

Aim for seafood, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy items. When shopping for seafood and meats, make sure you’re getting options that haven’t been marinated. Store or factory marinades usually add sugar.

Replace white rice with brown rice and grains/seeds like farro, barley, and quinoa. If she likes pasta, shop for whole grain or whole wheat pasta.

Instead of having granulated sugar, look at sugars like coconut sugar that add some dietary fiber. She still needs to limit her intake, but she’s boosting her fiber intake. There are also sugar-free options like Swerve and stevia that add sweetness to recipes without the added sugar.

Stock up on whole grains, dried beans, and canned beans that have no added sodium. She’ll also want to keep plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Arrange Caregivers for Meal Preparation and Shopping Assistance

Make sure your mom has the support she needs to stay healthy. Hire senior home care aides to remind your mom to check her sugar levels, schedule doctor’s appointments, and take any prescribed medications. Her senior home care aides can also cook meals for her, take her shopping for the foods her doctor recommends, and help her with exercise routines. 

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